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Working to support the voices of artists through generating exhibitions, publications, educational programs, public engagement, and cultural exchanges. 


Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Natasha Becker is an independent curator and writer of contemporary art based in New York. With expertise in contemporary African art, her research, writing, and curatorial practice focuses on politically engaged art.


She is one of the founding curators of Assembly Room a curatorial platform dedicated to the professional empowerment of independent women curators.

This year she co-curated "For Which It Stands" launched by the esteemed Ford Foundation Gallery and presented by Assembly Room, and "Living in America" at the renowned International Print Center New York; she also organized "A Perfect Storm" as Curator in Residence at Faction Art Projects in Harlem, New York.

Previously she co-curated “Radical Love” and “Perilous Bodies” at the distinguished Ford Foundation Art Gallery (New York, 2019), co-founded and co-organized a curator-driven commercial platform “The Underline Show” at the Museum of African Art and Design (Johannesburg, 2019). She also co-curated “Present Passing” with Patrick Flores for the Osage Art Foundation (Hong Kong, 2019) and curated the first solo show of artist LeAndra LeSeur “Girls Girls Girls” at Assembly Room (New York, 2019).

Natasha Becker is passionate about philanthropy and is a founding member and volunteer mentor at Art for Action South Africa, a student-led organization dedicated to raising funds to support local people making a difference in their communities. Launched in 2020, the organization's first fundraising campaign was a successful art auction offering artworks generously donated by art students, emerging and established artists in South Africa and internationally.  

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